An exclusive meeting of the top founders and investors in AI at the heart of Cerebral Valley.

The one-day event will feature conversations with the brightest minds in AI and offer an opportunity for the people building the next generation of AI to meet each other.

Hosted By
Eric Newcomer

Co-hosted by Volley

The third Cerebral Valley AI Summit will be Q4 2024.

Apply to come to our AI summit as well as Newcomer's other summits below.

Our next event will be on March 14 about the future of banking tied to the anniversary of the Silicon Valley Bank crisis.

Past Speakers Include

Reid Hoffman
Partner, Greylock

Watch Reid's Interview

Kanjun Qiu
Founder & CEO, Imbue

Watch Kanjun's Panel

Amjad Masad
Founder & CEO, Replit

Watch Amjad's Panel

Dmitri Dolgov
Co-CEO, Waymo

Watch Dmitri's Interview

Deep Nishar
Managing Director, General Catalyst

Watch Deep's Interview

Raquel Urtasun
Founder & CEO, Waabi

Watch Raquel's Talk

Meng Ru Kuok
CEO & Co-founder, BandLab

Watch Meng's Panel

Emad Mostaque
Founder & CEO, Stability AI

Watch Emad's Interview

Mustafa Suleyman
Founder & CEO, Inflection

Watch Mustafa's Interview

Clara Shih
CEO, Salesforce AI

Watch Clara's Interview

Adam D'Angelo
CEO, Quora

Watch Adam's Panel

May Habib
Founder & CEO, Writer

Watch May's Panel

Chase Lochmiller
Founder & CEO, Crusoe

Watch Chase's Interview

Nedim Fresko
Vice President, Alexa Devices, Amazon

Watch Nedim's Interview

Vinod Khosla
Founder, Khosla Ventures

Watch Vinod's Interview

Ali Ghodsi
Founder & CEO, Databricks

Watch Ali's Interview

Daniela Amodei
President, Anthropic

Watch Daniela's Panel

Cristóbal Valenzuela
Founder & CEO, Runway

Watch Cristóbal's Interview

Chris Lattner
Founder & CEO, Modular AI

Watch Chris's Interview

David Luan
CEO, Adept

Watch David's Panel

Holden Karnofsky
Director of AI Strategy, Open Philanthropy

Watch Holden's Interview

Hosted By

Eric Newcomer
is an independent journalist and writer of Newcomer, one of the top outlets covering the business of startups and venture capital.

Max Child
is co-founder and CEO of Volley, the #1 AI voice gaming company, with hits like Song Quiz, Jeopardy, and Question of the Day.

James Wilsterman
is co-founder and CTO of Volley, the #1 AI voice gaming company, with hits like Song Quiz, Jeopardy, and Question of the Day.

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